Please pardon our WORK-IN-PROGRESS. We are adding more presentations here as we have time.

Date Description Presenter Youtube Video Topics
May 2020 HAM Radio Science Citizen Investigation.

oren (KEØHZ) will present to us regarding "HamSci". Which stands for "HAM Radio Science Citizen Investigation." Hear how amateur radio operators are supporting scientific endeavors by participating in HamSCI. Ham’s are uniquely capable of providing and, in some cases, analyzing data in support of academic research underway to help characterize and predict something near and dear to any Ham – radio propagation.

Slides: Hamsci W0TLM presentation 200518.pdf
KE0HZ Loren Anderson
scientific investigation
Apr 2020 The new Nano VNA

Chip presents on the NANO Vector Network Analyzer as a tool for the ham tool kit.

We have one in the club inventory to borrow, once we start in-person meetings again.

Slides: nanovna.pdf
K0CHP Chip Flemming
VNA, Shack, Homebrew, SWR
Feb 2020 Show Us Your Shack

Members of the club show us slides of their ham shack, pointing out features that may be useful to others. 

KE0GUW Dr. Troy Todd

Many presenters

Shack, Radios, Antennas
Nov 2019 CW for the Radio Amateur

Interesting background on Morse Code and how to get started with CW operating.

Slides: CW for the Radio Amateur (final).pdf
W0GAS Greg Smith
There is no video of this presentation.
Oct 2019 How to Buy and Sell Used HF Radio Equipment
Slides: Radio Buy and Sell rev3.pdf
AC5S Paul Brown
Radios, Buy and Sell
Jul 2019 Linux in the Ham Shack

Stephen Moraco, KZ0Q, presents on Linux in the Ham Shack (with an assist from Larry, N0AMP)

KZ0Q Stephen Moraco
Linux, programming, Shack
Feb 2019 Using Winlink
Slides: winlink_powerpoint-ae5oq.pdf
AE5OQ Armstead Feland
WinLink, digital modes
Jan 2019 How I use computers and cell phone to enhance amateur radio


Slides: software_and_programs_for_the_shack.pdf
W0GAS Greg Smith
Shack, Automation
Oct 2018 Digital Modes - WinLink

(This is a best guess at the actual presentation date.)
Anybody know better? -Stephen

Slides: winlink.pdf
KD0RQU Barry Brock
There is no video of this presentation.
digital modes, WinLink
Sep 2018 Running FT-8

W0TLM September 2018 Club Meeting presentation by Shel KF0UR on the latest digital mode FT-8

Slides: FT8 Presentation.pdf
KF0UR Shel Radin
digital modes, FT-8
May 2018 W0TLM May 2018 Club Meeting Bitx Presentation

Robert/KD0YMC presents a short overview of the Bitx transceivers at the May 2018 W0TLM radio club

Slides: bitx40_ubitx_presentation.pdf
KD0YMC Robert Ray
Bitx, Homebrew
Mar 2018 W0TLM Raspberry Pi Presentation March 2018

John Roach, KE0AHD, provides a detailed presentation on the raspberry pi and ham radio/home applications

Slides: Raspberry_Pi_Presentation.pdf
KE0AHD John Roach
Raspberry Pi, Shack
Feb 2018 W0TLM February 2018 Club meeting working satellites.

Jonathan Bluff, N0SLO, presents on working satellites at the February 2018 W0TLM Club Meeting

Slides: W0TLM Satellite Lesson.pdf
N0SLO Jonathan Bluff
Jan 2018 Antenna Building
WB0TGE Al Andzik
Antennas, Building
Jun 2017 RF crimp connectors

2017 Tech Field Day Presentation

Slides: RF_Crimp_Connectors_and_Assembly v2.pdf
W0MJH Mike Hoskins
Tech Field Day
Jun 2017 Stealth Antennas for Ham Radio
Slides: stealthant.pdf
K0CHP Chip Flemming
Jun 2017 SWR and How to Measure It

Bob K0NR presents SWR and how to measure it at the W0TLM 2017 Tech Field Day

Slides: SWR-and-How-to-Measure-It-Bob-K0NR.pdf
K0NR Bob Witte
Radios, SWR
Mar 2017 DMR: The Fastest Growing Digital Format on VHF/UHF
Slides: dmr-w0tlm-meeting-presentation.pdf
K0NR Bob Witte
There is no video of this presentation.
DMR, VHF 2m, UHF 70cm, digital modes
Apr 2016 Operating from other countries
Slides: operating-from-other-countries.pdf
K0NR Bob Witte
There is no video of this presentation.
Nov 2015 Emergency Power for Ham Radio
Slides: presentation_emergency_power_for-ham_radio_v7.pdf
W0MJH Mike Hoskins
There is no video of this presentation.
Emergency Power, Batteries, Generators, Inverters
Jun 2015 Getting Ready For Tech Field Day
Slides: getting-ready-for-tech-field-day-june-2015-club-meeting.pdf
K0NR Bob Witte
There is no video of this presentation.
Tech Field Day, Emergency Power
Apr 2015 Nothing but NET

Information on the W0TLM local net

Slides: nothing-but-net.pdf
N0OLD Dan Oldfield
There is no video of this presentation.
Feb 2015 Beyond the HT: Your Next Radio
Slides: next-radio-after-an-ht-v4.pdf
WB0TGE Al Andzik

Also, Bob Witte, K0NR

There is no video of this presentation.
Radios, Technician, VHF 2m, Antennas, UHF 70cm
Jan 2015 Ham Stations grounding for Lightning Protection
Slides: Ham_Station_Grounding_for_LIghtning_Protection_v3-2.pdf
W0MJH Mike Hoskins
There is no video of this presentation.