W0TLM is proud to sponsor amateur (ham) radio license classes.

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Class Offerings: We normally offer two classes each year, cycling through the three levels of FCC amateur radio license classes. Typically, we will offer one late winter class (Feb-Mar) and one fall class (Sept-Oct). We are currently using a format that starts with an in-person session on a Saturday afternoon, followed by on-line and video sessions during the week and wrapping up with an in-person session the next Saturday.

Technician License Class: This class covers the material for the entry-level Technician license. This is the class for people just getting into ham radio. No prerequisites are required.

General License Class: This class covers the material for the General license, which is the next step up from Technician. You must have already obtained your Technician license to attend this class.

Extra License Class: This class covers the material for the Amateur Extra license, which is the highest license class for ham radio in the US. You must have already obtained your General license to attend this class.

Instructors: Classes are presented by a team of knowledgeable, experienced, licensed ham operators with years of instructional experience. Our first-exam pass rates have historically been near 90% of each class population.

Venue: Online sessions are held via Zoom, which is compatible with a variety of computer platforms. Our in-person sessions are held at a variety of locations in northern El Paso County.

Registration: Advance registration is required. Registration will be opened approximately two months prior to the sessions, and registrations are accepted no later than one week before the first session. Registration priority is on a "first-come" sign-up basis until the class is full.

To register for a class, see Upcoming Classes (on the right side of this page) and click on Class details and registration.

Class registration fees support the work of our radio club and are an important source of funds for the club.

Required Materials: All classes utilize HamRadioSchool.com study guides. A student must have a current study guide for the appropriate license level.