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Programming Files for Radios (Codeplugs)

The standard W0TLM frequency list includes many of the common 2m / 70cm simplex and repeater frequencies for our area. Revision 10 was created on 06 April 2020 to track a change to the N0XLF repeater frequency. This repeater will be moving to 147.075 MHz, + offset, 131.8 Hz tone. The existing N0XLF memory has been renamed to OLD XLF, to allow for easy migration. Use the OLD XLF memory until the repeater frequency change has been implemented, then use N0XLF.

Chirp radio programming software is available at:

PDF file for human consumption

MS Excel file
CSV file for importing into Chirp software. Does not include notes from the Excel file.
IMG file for Baofeng UV-5R, for use with Chirp software.
IMG file for Yaesu FT-4XR, for use with Chirp software. (errors corrected on 13 April 2020)