Date Description Presenter Youtube Video Topics
Feb 2020 Show Us Your Shack

Members of the club show us slides of their ham shack, pointing out features that may be useful to others. 

KE0GUW Dr. Troy Todd

Many presenters

Shack, Radios, Antennas
Jan 2018 Antenna Building
Slides: WØTLM January 2018_build your own antenna.pdf
WB0TGE Al Andzik
Antennas, Building
Jul 2017 W0TLM Club Meeting July 2017 Stealth Antennas for Ham Radio
Slides: stealthant.pdf
K0CHP Chip Flemming
Feb 2015 Beyond the HT: Your Next Radio
Slides: next-radio-after-an-ht-v4.pdf
WB0TGE Al Andzik

Also, Bob Witte, K0NR

There is no video of this presentation.
Radios, Technician, VHF 2m, Antennas, UHF 70cm