Date Description Presenter Youtube Video Topics
Oct 2022 W0TLM 2022 Tech Day - Test Equipment for Hams
Slides: Test Equip for Hams.pdf
K0CHP Chip Fleming
Antennas, test equipment, Tech Field Day
Jul 2020 W0TLM July 2020 Club Meeting: Ham Shack tools - K0CHP

Our Very Own Chip Fleming presents a 'recommended' tool kit that is beneficial for every HAM, new or old. This is the kind of stuff Chip likes and is well versed in--he is always looking for a new gadget, so he knows his stuff.

This is a practical guide for any level of HAM, with advice on what to buy, where to buy it, and what to expect to pay for it. 

Slides: testInst.pdf
K0CHP Chip Flemming
ham shack, test equipment