Date Description Presenter Youtube Video Topics
Apr 2020 W0TLM April 2020 Club Meeting - The new Nano VNA

Chip presents on the NANO Vector Network Analyzer as a tool for the ham tool kit.

We have one in the club inventory to borrow, once we start in-person meetings again.

Slides: nanovna.pdf
K0CHP Chip Flemming
VNA, Shack, Homebrew, SWR
Feb 2020 W0TLM February 2019 Club Meeting - Show Us Your Shack

Members of the club show us slides of their ham shack, pointing out features that may be useful to others. 

KE0GUW Dr. Troy Todd

Many presenters

Shack, Radios, Antennas
Jul 2019 W0TLM July 2019 Club Meeting - Linux in the Ham Shack

Stephen Moraco, KZ0Q, presents on Linux in the Ham Shack (with an assist from Larry, N0AMP)

KZ0Q Stephen Moraco
Linux, programming, Shack
Jan 2019 W0TLM January 2019 Club Meeting - How I use computers and cell phone to enhance amateur radio


Slides: software_and_programs_for_the_shack.pdf
W0GAS Greg Smith
Shack, Automation
Mar 2018 W0TLM Raspberry Pi Presentation March 2018

John Roach, KE0AHD, provides a detailed presentation on the raspberry pi and ham radio/home applications

Slides: Raspberry_Pi_Presentation.pdf
KE0AHD John Roach
Raspberry Pi, Shack