All amateurs are invited to take a turn as net control, its easy, fun, and great practice!  

The volunteer process is simple:

  1. Volunteer to be net control for one or more of the Monday nets. Either by:
    1. sign up at club meeting (signup sheet is passed around)
    2. Fill in form at this web site (Form)
    3. Send our Net Manager an email request to be net control
  2. Receive confirmation:
    1. if you volunteered by signing the form at our club meeting you are confirmed you have the night you signed up for.
    2. if you filled in a form at our web site or sent email directly to our Net Manager then you will receive an email confirmation of the Monday night(s) that you have been assigned.
  3. Lead the W0TLM Net on the Monday night you've been assigned.

Running the net on your night is also simple!

Just use the following script: (download PDF from here W0TLM Net Script Rev. 3.0)

Here's the script so you can see what it's like:


Revised 19 November 13, 2017 by N0OLD, Dan

Before the Net

< N0XLF Repeater frequency is 145.19 MHz, (-) MHz offset, 131.8 Hz CTCSS Tone>

Feel free to take late check-ins at any time after regular check-ins

Script for Net Control Station (NCS)

Calling the TRI-LAKES NET, Calling the TRI-LAKES NET.

This is [[<Dan> <N0OLD>]], Net Control Station for tonight’s net.

This net meets every Monday evening at 19:30 local time on this repeater, except for the third Monday of the month when we have our monthly radio club meeting.

The purpose of this net is to provide a meeting place for Tri-Lakes area radio amateurs and handle traffic for the TRI-LAKES MONUMENT RADIO ASSOCIATION.

All radio amateurs are welcome to check in.

To access this repeater, you need to have a One Hundred Thirty One Point Eight Hertz CTCSS Tone enabled on your transmit signal.

In the event of repeater failure, the net will be held on the K0NR repeater. 447.725 MHz, -5 MHz Offset, 100 Hz, CTCSS Tone

In the event of both repeaters being down, we’ll revert to – 446.100 MHz simplex.

For using Echolink, the repeater shows up as N0OBA

This is a directed net. When you check in, please SLOWLY give your call sign, your name and indicate if you have traffic for the net. Please use standard ITU phonetics only.

I’d like to extend a special request for first timers to call in. You are very, very welcome and encouraged to join in the conversation.

This is [[<Dan N0OLD>]], Net Control Station for the TRI-LAKES NET.

<Take check-ins in this order, noting who has traffic: >

  1. Is there any emergency or priority traffic? Please call now.
  2. I’ll take check-ins now grouped by Suffix (the letters following the number in your call sign):
  3. Call signs beginning with the suffix A – Alpha through K – Kilo
  4. Call signs beginning with the Suffix L-Lima through P – Papa
  5. Call signs beginning with the suffix Q – Quebec – Z – Zulu
  6. Anyone who I’ve missed or has not yet checked in.

<Handle any traffic, announcements, any additional traffic, and questions>

<Be Friendly….acknowledge any newcomers and pull them into the conversation>

<Note any upcoming events; including the next W0TLM club meeting, RACES or ARES events, local ham fests or contests>

<To stimulate some discussion, prepare THE QUESTION OF THE NIGHT, and ask each station to comment. Recent examples of questions are: How did you first get started in Amateur Radio? When was your first Field Day experience? How long have you had your radio license?  Don’t use these, think up something on your own>

The Question of the Night is:

(Come up with an interesting question that ideally engages everyone) ??????????????????


Are there any late check-ins, please call now.

We will go down through the list and have each station provide their answer.

<Call each station in order of check in>

Are there any late check-ins, please call now.

Ending the Net

Thanks for participating in the discussion.

Are there any additional comments or questions before we close the net?

Thank you for checking in and remember to check in again next Monday night at 19:30 local time.

For more information on the Tri-Lakes Monument Radio Association, visit

We would like to thank Brian, N0XLF and Scott, N0OBA for the use of their repeater.

This is [[<Dan N0OLD>]], Net Control Station, closing the TRI-LAKES NET and returning the frequency to normal amateur radio use.