Course Objective:

This course has two objectives:

1.       The student will be able to pass the FCC Technician License Exam (Element 2), qualifying for the first level FCC Amateur Radio License.

2.       The student will have sufficient knowledge to operate an amateur radio station on the Technician frequency allocations above 50 MHz.


This is a highly-compressed course that depends on the focus and motivation of the student. Reading assignments must be done in advance of the classroom sessions. The classroom sessions are fast-paced, covering a wide variety of material in a short time. The use of practice exams is very important for evaluating topic areas that need attention.

Registration Cost:

At the time of registration, we require a nonrefundable payment of $30 ($20 for under 18). Payment is made via Paypal, which also accepts major debit/credit cards.  Note that this payment will not be refunded and may not be credited to future class offerings, so make sure of your plans before registering.

Reading Material:

Required: Technician License Course by Stu Turner, WØSTU ($22.95)
Note: Be sure to get the 2018 – 2022 Third Edition

Available from: or Ham Radio Outlet in Denver, Iliff Ave.

Practice Exams

These online practice exams are extremely helpful for testing your knowledge:

Book Section Quizzes:   

35-question Practice Exams: Apps for Quizzing & Practice Exams

Some students have found great value in practice exam applications available on iPhone/iPad (iOS) and Android platforms. Apps are available for iOS and Android that complement the structure of the book.


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