Palmer Lake, Colorado
Sat Oct 21 through Sat Nov 4, 2023

• Two all-day in-person sessions Oct 21 and Nov 4 (8 AM to 5 PM)
• Palmer Lake Town Hall, 42 Valley Crescent Street, Palmer Lake, CO, 80133

• Additional 8 hours of Zoom & video sessions (see course outline below)
• Students are expected to attend all scheduled sessions.

The Extra License is the top FCC amateur radio license, providing full access to all Amateur Radio Service band allocations.
• Upgrade from General to Extra Class radio privileges
• Pass your FCC Extra Class amateur license exam
• Live equipment demonstrations and activities
• Expand your HF ops on 15-, 20-, 40-, & 80-meter bands
• Gain a deeper understanding of radio electronics and theory
• Take the next step with antennas, amplifiers, digital modes

Registration fee: $40
In addition, students must have the required study guide:
Ham Radio School Extra License Course
First Edition, effective 2020 – 2024, $29.95

Students must have an FCC General Class license (or higher) to register for this class.

The Extra Class exam is much more difficult than the Technician and General exams.
It is important to start with a good understanding of the Tech & General material as a foundation for the Extra material.
You may want to spend some time reviewing the Tech and General topics before attending the Extra license class.

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